I'm a mixed media director based in Amsterdam.
I'm a mixed media director based in Amsterdam.

Red Bull

Red Bull

The World of Red Bull 2019

The World of Red Bull 2019

Red Bull’s annual Year End Movie – a hyped event for both fans and employees – aims to highlight the very best of the brand’s projects while also providing the viewer with an inspiring, cohesive story throughout. No easy feat, but while making our way through over 300 projects we were able to craft a narrative throughline based on the stories of three young athletes and one musician. After shooting in LA and Portugal, I spent time at the Red Bull Media House in Salzburg with a fantastic team of editors, while the team at The Panics in Amsterdam took care of bespoke VFX. 

Client: Red Bull

Director: Erwin van den IJssel

Production Company: The Panics

Executive Producer: Annejes van Liempd

Producer: Liene Berina

Production Coordinator: Androniki Nikolaou

Head of Post Production: Ivor Goldberg

Director of Photography (LA): Greg Wheeler

Director of Photography (Portugal): Leandro Ferräo

VFX Lead: Chris Staves

Motion Design Lead: Doma Harkai

Motion Design: Federica D'Urzo, Giovanni Locantore, Doma Harkai, Tommie Geraedts

3D Artist: Tim van der Wiel

3D Character Animation: Tim van Dulmen, Federica D'Urzo

3D Tracking: Davide Raimondo

Compositing: Marti Pujol, Federica D'Urzo, Doma Harkai, Chris Staves

Matte Painting: Marti Pujol, Vincent Boudewijn

Concept Art: Amy Holst, Idun Sjödin

Editing (Red Bull Media House): Gerhard Lohmaier, Roisin Baxandall, Dominique van der Harst

Sound Design (Red Bull Media House): Sebastian Uebbing, Sebastian Kemmrich

Grading (Red Bull Media House): Ivan Filipovic

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