I'm a mixed media director based in Amsterdam.
I'm a mixed media director based in Amsterdam.

Playgrounds In Motion
Visual Identity

Playgrounds In Motion is a new festival in London and Rotterdam celebrating the art of animation, film and moving image. I was very excited to collaborate with BUCK on the visual identity, creating a highly graphical world built around the concept of celebrating different wavelengths. From there, we worked on a system that felt cohesive yet dynamic across print, online and stage visuals. Seeing the Outernet District in London covered with our wavelength animations made it worth dreaming only in zigzag shapes for weeks!

Besides collaborating on the visual identity with BUCK, I also worked on the Opening Titles for the event, taking the wavelength concept into even more directions.

Client: We Are Playgrounds

Production Company: BUCK

Executive Creative Director: Vincent Lammers

Associate Creative Director: Joe Brooks, Erwin van den IJssel

Executive Producer: James Britton

Producer: Bárbara Scatolini

Design: Julie Alter, Bernd Bousard, Florencia López Casco, Matheus Sakita, Christo Silveira, Rasmus Stenberg, Yi Zheng

2D Animation: Andrés Cuevas, Johan Eriksson, Jaume Mestre, Otilija Morozaitė, Jardeson Rocha, Anton Thallner, Marco van der Vlag, Philip von Borries

3D Design: Jonas Nunes

Music and Sound Design: Bertus Pelser @ Amp.Amsterdam

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